Molten Salt Reactor


Molten Salt Reactors (“MSRs”) were extensively developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (“ORNL”) from the 1950’s to 1980 with two reactors successfully operated, and thousands of man-years of effort invested by the top minds of the day. Due to an early mistaken belief in severe geological limitations of uranium resources, this reactor design was developed as a more demanding form of nuclear reactor, a “breeder.” Breeders create their own fissile fuel when in operation. MSRs are suitable for this role as thorium breeders, but the U.S. government decided to put their sole breeder focus on sodium-cooled fast uranium breeders. Consequently, the MSR program was canceled in the early 1970s. In hindsight, this was a policy error.


Corporate molten salt reactor


Terrestrial Energy Inc. (“TEI”) was founded in late 2012, and is domiciled in Ontario, Canada. Its mission is to commercialize its patent-pending Molten Salt Reactor technology in Canada. The company has been formed around Dr. David LeBlanc, and his intellectual property portfolio. Dr. LeBlanc is the internationally recognized expert on MSR technology. Canada provides a favorable jurisdiction for the company’s MSR development, licensing and marketing. TEI’s founding board consists of executives from the oil-sands, mining and finance sectors. In addition, the Company has assembled individuals with rare expertise in an advisory board capacity.


Molten Salt Reactor


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MarketWire Mar. 31/14
Terrestrial Energy Inc. Announces Appointment of Hugh MacDiarmid as Chairman of the Board; Financing Oversubscribed
MarketWire Feb. 3/14
Terrestrial Energy Inc Announces Appointment of Louis Plowden-Wardlaw as General Counsel

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